Iossif “Joe” Marios Gressis

September 16, 2021

A Father, Husband, Son, Brother, Mentor, Protector, and a Friend. He was selfless, caring, and always giving. Iossif Marios Petros Gressis, better known as Joe, embodied all that was good in this world and was proud of his Greek heritage. He espoused the value of ‘Φιλοξενία’ which means a friend to strangers; he truly cared for his family, friends and community. He saw value in everyone and was loved by everyone.

Joe found joy by helping those around him, whether strangers or friends.
In November 2015, he hosted his first all free Thanksgiving meals at Galazio Restaurant for anyone who needed either a meal or just someone’s company. He enjoyed sitting at the tables and sharing his stories with strangers, while at the same time hearing theirs. Only a small handful of families came, however the event sent shockwaves of gratitude throughout the community and became an yearly event.

His presence had a massive impact on people’s lives and he had a way to help anyone who may have given up or made terrible mistakes. To Joe, no one was beyond helping.

Additionally, Joe had a gift, the gift of simply putting people on the right track; he simply knew what was good for people and encouraged them to become the person they wanted to be. He never held back either, he wasn’t only a mentor to the young, but he was able to offer sage advice to anyone no matter where they were in life. There are countless stories of those who knew Joe and found new meaning in life because of his influence.

To his staff that learned the value of hard work, to the advice and encouragement he always gave his friends, and to his family that depended on him for being the rock that he was, and to the countless displays of generosity to the Charles County Community–Joe helped us all.

It’s with deep sadness that Iossif Marios Gressis has passed on. He was a mountain of a man and left behind a cavernous hole in our hearts. There is no replacing him, and we will never see anyone like him again. The best we can do now is hold onto him, every memory, as best as we possibly can. We are not Joe, but at least we can try to adopt some of his many qualities and talents. He was such a rare person who could do so many things and had so many interests; he loved music, hunting, traveling, eating, building, conversing, a glass of Glenlivet, but most of all, he loved playing Poker.

He became a person who was fearless, full of optimism and filled with hope. His hopes, dreams, and desires were infectious, and they radiated to everyone around him. He had a gift for guiding others to realize their dreams. Anyone who knew Joe knew how funny he could be. He was a great imitator, a storyteller, and he could make anyone laugh. He naturally knew how to lift the environment and put on a good show. He was also a loving and caring husband and he continued to honor, respect and obey his vows everlastingly. Joe was a loving and caring father who would do anything for his children, Asimina and Petro. He would wake them up with music and laughter every morning and take them to school. Petro learned how to fish and play chess from Joe and he would take Asimina to horseback riding lessons and taught them both how to play poker. He cared for his employee’s not only as a boss, but more importantly, as a mentor. Even during the Pandemic, as a generous act, Joe granted the restaurant’s gross sales for the day back to his employees to help them and to support them during their difficult times.

Joe could connect with anyone, and we only wish that we could connect with our Joe again one more time. For so many of us, our only desire now is to make you proud, and we know that means we must live our lives to the best because that is your expectation from us. We love you Iossif Marios Gressis and we will miss you and cherish you for the rest of our lives. Your name will never be forgotten in our community.

A visitation will be held on Sunday, September 19, 2021 from 5PM to 8PM at New Life Church, 9690 Shepherds Creek Place, La Plata, Maryland 20646.

A funeral service will be held on Monday, September 20, 2021 at 11AM at New Life Church, 9690 Shepherds Creek Place, La Plata, Maryland 20646.

Interment will be private.

Memorial contributions may be made in Joe’s name to Arnold House, 3444 Rockefeller Court, Waldorf, Maryland 20602, online at, or Life Styles, P. O. Box 1794, La Plata, Maryland 20646, online at, or New Life Church, 9690 Shepherd’s Creek Place, La Plata, Maryland 20646, online at

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