ARREST VIDEO: Lexington Park Man Arrested For Arson and Threats with Handgun

October 8, 2021
William Carrillo-Hernandez, 45, of Lexington Park

William Carrillo-Hernandez, 45, of Lexington Park

On Sunday, October 3, 2021, Trooper First Class M. Posch of the Maryland State Police Leonardtown Barrack responded to a residence on Sue Drive, in Lexington Park for a reported Threat of Arson.

While responding to the call police were told an adult male was trying to light the side of an occupied trailer on fire.

Police made contact with the owner of the trailer who told police, the suspect who was later identified as William Carrillo-Hernandez, 45, of Lexington Park, was trying to light his trailer on fire with a lighter. Police inspected the trailer and found soot and burn marks. The victim told police he also had video of the incident. The video showed Carrillo-Hernandez holding a lighter in one hand and a bottle of rum in the other while lighting the fire.

While speaking with the homeowner/victim police were made aware of an incident that occurred two days earlier on Friday, October 1. The victim told police that Carrillo-Hernandez had threatened to kill him and four other people living at the trailer. He said Carrillo-Hernandez pulled out a handgun and pointed it at four people before he pushed the barrel of the gun into the victims ribcage. The victim said he was able to get the gun away from Carrillo-Hernandez and threw it in the woods.

When police searched the area where the victim said he threw the gun, Troopers located an unloaded H&R 922 .22 caliber handgun with little to no dirt on it. When police asked the victim about the incident he said when he took the gun from Carrillo-Hernandez, it was loaded but he emptied it and threw the bullets into the woods also, he said he did not report the crime earlier because he was scared and thought he would get in trouble.

During the arson investigation police learned that Carrillo-Hernandez had came to burn down the trailer because the homeowner and other four victims would not return his handgun to him.

When police spoke to Carrillo-Hernandez he told police his name was Juan Lemo and he was arrested under that name, at the detention center, it was discovered that “Lemo” gave police a false name and was later identified as William Carrillo Hernandez, 45 of Lexington Park

Carrillo Hernandez had several active arrest warrants through the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office and was charged with Assault-First Degree; Assault-Second Degree; Malicious Burning-Second Degree; Arson/Threat; Illegal Possession of a Regulated Firearm; Firearm Use/Felony/Violent Crime; Malicious Destruction of Property; and Public Intoxication.