SUBMITTED ARTICLE: How One Southern Maryland Man Turned His Life Around

October 14, 2021

Southern Maryland Newsnet is always looking for good news to share with our readers. The following article was submitted to us on behalf of Elijah Holmes Sr., and we were asked to pass it along to our readers and deliver his message that consistency is key, he turned my life around and so could you!”

Growing up as a young black male in Lexington Park, Maryland for Elijah Holmes Sr. it was rough. Despite having two hard working God-fearing, law-abiding parents Elijah still chose to take an alternative route in life chasing the fast dollars. By the age of twenty-one he had accomplished securing a record deal in New York City fathered five children and was facing a drug distribution charge all by 1999. Here’s a young man who never used any drugs, never drank alcohol, he was a dealer trying the only thing he knew at that time to provide for his family. He was then sentenced to seven years in jail for his involvement in his drug dealing activities. On January 13, 2000, he started serving what would be three and half years in Maryland Divisions of corrections.

During his time in prison Elijah was enrolled in a seven-month information technology computer program course where he learned computer coding. Fast forward to 2018, after losing his mother in February of that year and crashing his Limousine a couple months after that, Elijah made a vow to create a business where he could create jobs and be everywhere without leaving his home, and that’s when Sumer Technologies Inc. was born. A total profit-sharing tech company with applications like Zoom Cuisines and Zoom2u.

Zoom2u is the only ride share app that allows the drivers to net a hundred percent of the fare with a monthly $99.00 membership to drive, and the passenger automatically has a chance to win online cash and prizes.

Zoom Cuisines is a delivery app where the business will not have to pay a commission on their orders, they pay an annual app lease agreement on the platform, and the drivers can earn $12-$27 per order while the customers can win cash when they tip the drivers.

These are the tip of the iceberg on apps created by Elijah Holmes Sr., he said “I have partnered with music industry Titan Leon “Roccstar” Youngblood Jr. who is the president of a billion dollar publicly company Valiant Eagle Inc., he also partnered with Sumer Technologies Inc. out of Los Angeles, California. And Leon Youngblood Sr., who is an industry titan with his platform Leon Youngblood Consultants, which was reported to have over one billion users on its database and a partnership with President Nana of Ghana and other presidents and dignitaries over in Africa with his Zoom2u ride share app providing millions of drivers to Africa.”

Elijah wants the youth and to anyone else out there to hear his words of encouragement, “consistency is key always, seek information and build great relationships on the way this is vital for success, just look at me I turned my life around and so could you! “

You can download the Zoom2u Ride Share & Zoom Cuisines Delivery App today on iOS & Android devices!