Police Arrest Waldorf Man Who Committed Robbery While Wearing Electronic Monitoring Device for Previous Armed Robbery Charges

October 27, 2021

Deante Quesado Thomas, 27, of Waldorf

On Thursday, October 21, 2021, officers from the Charles County Sheriff’s Office responded to the Tobacco Hunt located in the 300 block of Smallwood Drive in Waldorf, for the report of a robbery.

Preliminary investigation revealed the suspect entered the store at 7:59 p.m., and approached an employee and asked about buying a t-shirt and two roses, and when the employee told the suspect how much the total was, he left the store.

The suspect re-entered the store at approximately 8:12 p.m., and while speaking to both women, the suspect started to raise his black facemask. The two women stated they could not understand what the suspect was saying, and when they understood him say “robbery”, he started to reach into the waistband area of his pants when one woman grabbed the suspect and began to wrestle with him, she advised she felt what she believed was a firearm through his clothing and grabbed the mask off of the suspect to expose his face.

The suspect then grabbed onto the cash register and continued to fight his way towards the store exit. He was able to escape and ran towards Kipling Drive.

Police determined the cash register was valued at $200, and contained $750.20 inside. Detectives located the stolen cash register at Copley Avenue and Industrial Park Drive in Waldorf, where the register was broken and in the roadway.

Upon review of the stores security camera footage, detectives verified the witness and employee accounts of what happened and obtained a clear picture of the suspects face, where three different detectives were able to identify the suspect from previous investigations.

The suspect was identified as Deante Quesado Thomas, 27, of Waldorf. Detectives also learned Thomas was on home electronic monitoring from two previous armed robbery charges that occurred earlier this year in a nearby county. On October 23, detectives located Thomas at a restaurant.

Thomas currently has open cases for Assault – First and Second Degree, Attempted Armed Robbery, Attempted Robbery, Use of Handgun During Crime Of Viol/Comm, and other various charges in Charles, and Prince George’s County.

He was arrested without incident and was still wearing the electronic monitoring device from the prior cases.

Thomas was charged with armed robbery, destruction of property, and theft and transported to the Charles County Detention Center where he was released by a judge on his own recognizance on October 25, 2021, on the condition he wears the electronic monitoring device. Detective Logsdon is continuing the investigation.

Deante Quesado Thomas, 27, of Waldorf