Calvert Bus Drivers Reach An Agreement – All Calvert County Public School Buses Will be Running on Monday

October 30, 2021
The Calvert County, Maryland, Board of County Commissioners is pleased to report to our constituents that the Calvert County Public Schools and the Calvert County bus contractors have both agreed upon an interim solution to resume transportation services.
While the details are being finalized, parents and students can be assured that transportation services for Calvert County Public Schools students will resume Monday, Nov. 1, 2021.
We thank the Calvert County Public Schools and Calvert County transportation contractors and their employees for their swift and diligent efforts to reach resolution that satisfies the most urgent needs of bus transportation employees.
As always, the Board of County Commissioners is prepared to work within our authority to help facilitate action on behalf of all Calvert County citizens. We look forward to seeing final resolution on this matter for the long-term betterment of bus transportation employees and bus transportation services to Calvert County children.
The Calvert County Public Schools released the following statement on Facebook;
CCPS met with representatives from the Calvert County bus contractors, bus drivers, and representatives of the Calvert County Government to reach an agreement.
The new agreement will include an hourly increase at all levels of experience and a guaranteed number of hours per day effective this calendar year.
All Calvert County Public School buses will be running on Monday, November 1, 2021.
“This is a significant investment in maintaining a safe and reliable bus transportation system. We hope that our current drivers know that we do appreciate the work that they do, and we hope these changes help us attract more drivers in the future. Welcome back.”
– Dr. Curry