Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland Welcomes George Kandathil as the Infrastructure and Planning Coordinator

October 31, 2021

The Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland (TCCSMD) recently welcomed George Kandathil as the Infrastructure and Planning Coordinator. Kandathil’s breadth of expertise and educational achievements position him for success in this new endeavor.

In this newly-created position, Kandathil will spearhead planning initiatives developed in response to regional demand. He will manage targeted programs and analyze infrastructure trends and needs. Whether proposing solutions for statewide thoroughfares or supporting non-motorized initiatives that create recreational pathways, Kandathil strives to improve mobility and quality of life on a regional scale.

“My sincere hope is that my position impacts the region in a very positive way,” Kandathil shared. “Through communication, planning, and research, I intend to coordinate with government officials, private industry, and other stakeholder groups to ensure that Southern Marylanders are able to continuously maintain and improve their standard of living.”

Living and working in East Asia for seven years, Kandathil developed insights on sustainable modes of transit. “From public hearings to bicycle planning to even autonomous vehicle technology, I love all things transportation,” he said.

A commitment to fulfilling the needs of evolving communities led him to pursue an MS in Transportation Planning and an MBA from the University of Maryland, College Park. Kandathil brings years of planning achievements to the Tri-County region. One key corridor project he developed won accolades from the Washington State Government.

“I was attracted by the opportunity to play a role in improving the lives of Southern Marylanders and others throughout the region. The Tri-County Council deals with several issues that are essential to everyday life, and I am happy to be a part of them,” said Kandathil.

TCCSMD is confident that Kandathil’s depth of experience will enrich the safety, sustainability, and ease of access for people living and working in the region.

“As an organization, we’re devoted to building better, stronger communities. Hiring an Infrastructure and Planning Coordinator is a step forward as we meet regional needs today and anticipate them tomorrow,” said John Hartline, TCCSMD Executive Director.

To learn more about regional priorities and programs, visit the TCCSMD website.