Nationwide Breakfast Food Supply Chain Issues Affect Charles County Public Schools

November 3, 2021

Nationwide supply chain and transportation issues are affecting the meal distribution of Charles County Public Schools (CCPS).

Beginning November 15, 2021, CCPS is planning to switch to offering cold breakfast options only.

The temporary change is a reflection of the nationwide supply chain issue of food products and supplies which includes hot breakfast food items, paper products and other supplies.

Menu food items are subject to change due to this supply chain issue as well. “Every food and nutrition service (FNS) staff member and manger are dedicated to providing meals as close to the menu as possible, but circumstances sometimes do not permit this,” Crystal Richardson, MS, SNS, said.
Administration and the school nurse at each school are informed daily of the menu changes through communication with the FNS manager onsite. Students’ food allergies are reviewed with any of the menu changes.

There may be times CCPS is not able to provide what is on the online menu, however meals are being provided free of charge to students for SY 22, through a USDA waiver, and will be available for any student that wishes to dine with FNS.