Parks & Recreation to Test New Public Address System at Hallowing Point Park and Breezy Point Beach

November 22, 2021

The Calvert County Department of Parks & Recreation will conduct public address (PA) system testing at Hallowing Point Park and Breezy Point Beach & Campground on Wednesday, Dec. 1 and Thursday, Dec. 2. Citizens can expect to hear emergency alert tones and a test announcement. The new system was recently installed to notify patrons of important park information and alert visitors in case of emergencies.

“Ensuring park patrons and staff are alerted instantly of important park news and critical emergency updates is crucial for a speedy response,” said Parks & Recreation Director Shannon Nazzal. “This new system will allow us to quickly reach individuals from across our parks, and help keep them informed or guide them safely in the unlikely event of an emergency. It’s an investment in the safety of our community, which is always a top priority.”

The new PA systems cost $81,921 and was funded through the capital improvement plan budget. PA systems will also be installed at Kings Landing, Cove Point and Flag Ponds Nature parks. Alerts such as weather emergencies can be automated through the PA system and existing county emergency alert systems.

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