Two Businesses Fail, Fourteen Businesses Pass Alcohol Compliance Checks in St. Mary’s County

December 10, 2021

On Friday, November 19, 2021, the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office Alcohol Enforcement Unit conducted 16 covert compliance checks within St. Mary’s County. Fourteen businesses were found to be in compliance, while two were not.

The clandestine component of the check used a 20-year-old male Sheriff’s Office Cadet wearing jeans and a sweatshirt in an effort to increase retailer knowledge and enhance proactive efforts to prohibit the sale of alcohol to underage persons. The cadet carried no personal property and no identification and was provided with $40 cash to buy alcoholic beverages.

Of the 16 businesses the Sheriff’s Office Alcohol Enforcement Unit checked, 14 were found compliant and asked the cadet for identification, which prevented an underage purchase. However, at two of the businesses visited, the clerks were negligent in their responsibilities and did not ask the underage cadet for identification and he was able to purchase alcohol.

The two businesses that failed to ask for identification were Bob’s Sunoco (The Beer Cave) at 20321 Piney Point in Callaway and Corner Liquors at 46920 South Shangri-La Drive in Lexington Park. Those cases will be reviewed by the St. Mary’s County Alcohol Beverage Board at a future date.

The 14 businesses that passes the compliance check were:

2000 Liquor in Lexington Park; Abell’s Tavern in Callaway; Beacon Liquors in Callaway; Canopy Liquors in Lexington Park; Cook’s Liquors and Deli in Park Hall; County Liquors in Lexington Park; Hermanville C-Store in Lexington Park; International Beverages in Lexington Park; Piney Point Market in Piney Point; Ridge Market in Ridge; Ridgell’s Baymart in Ridge; Rod N Reel Hunting and Fishing in Lexington Park; St. Mary’s Fine Wine and Spirits in Great Mills and Stop and Shop in Lexington Park.