Senate Unanimously Passes “George “Walter” Taylor Act”

March 1, 2022
The Senate just UNANIMOUSLY passed SB 273 – Environment – PFAS Chemicals: Prohibitions & Requirements (George “Walter” Taylor Act), the bill that protects Marylanders from toxic PFA chemicals by: prohibiting the use of fire fighting foam laced with PFAS; banning the use of food packaging that contains PFAS; and prohibiting the sale of carpets that contain PFAS.
PFAS are a class of highly fluorinated industrial chemicals that have been linked to serious illnesses including: testicular, kidney, liver and pancreatic cancer; reproductive problems; elevated cholesterol; thyroid dysfunction; and, low birth weights as well as weakened immunity amongst children. The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) measured quantifiable amounts of PFAS in 75% of drinking water tested in 2021. Furthermore, these chemicals remain in our bodies for years and rarely break down in the environment – which is why PFAS are often referred to as “forever chemicals.”
SB273 is a priority for the Professional Fire Fighters of Maryland, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and Maryland PIRG because it will protect our first responders and Marylanders. I was so proud today to stand with Mrs. Christine Taylor, the widow of George “Walter” Taylor for whom the Bill is named, and the fire fighters of IAFF and Naval District Washington this morning as we passed the bill. Proud to work with Delegate Sara Love, Senator Jack Bailey, and many others on this important public health legislation!