St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office Staff Honored for Excellence in 2021

April 24, 2022

Youth Gun Violence Task Force

The St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office held its annual awards banquet on Friday, celebrating the very best of law enforcement, Sheriff Tim Cameron said, as personnel were awarded for professionalism and excellence during the 2021 year.

Deputy Sheriff of the Year: 

Cpl. Gerard Muschette, School Resource Officer for Great Mills High School since August 2019, was named as the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Sheriff of the Year. Cpl. Muschette cares deeply about the youth of our community, not just those under his direct care at Great Mills High School. He is a hardworking, reliable, outstanding example of the transcending power of a devoted peace officer.

Correctional Officer of the Year:

Correctional Cpl. Brian Gillingham was named Correctional Office of the Year for 2021 for his scope of work in Pre-Trial Services at the St. Mary’s County Detention and Rehabilitation Center, including the implementation of a new body scanner at the facility.

Professional Staff Member of the Year:

Charli Jo Beck, Station Clerk Supervisor, (not pictured) was named as the Sheriff’s Office’s Professional Staff Member of the Year for 2021 for her work to set up a system of upward mobility for station clerks. through her efforts, station clerks have achieved the recognition they deserve for the detailed and difficult work they complete every day.

Sgt. Nolan Scully Memorial NCO Award:

Sgt. Joshua Krum was selected to receive the Sgt. Nolan Scully Memorial NCO Award for 2021 for his work with the Youth Gun Violence Task Force and with the agency’s Emergency Services Team. Sgt. Krum’s vigor, resilience and perseverance have been recognized by his colleagues and have served as both a source of motivation and empowerment.

Law Enforcement Rookie of the Year:

Deputy Casey Hill was named as the Law Enforcement Rookie of the Year for 2021 for his work in the Patrol Division. Deputy Hill led his rookie class in both arrests and traffic stops, while also finishing the year a close second in DUI arrests.

Corrections Rookie of the Year:

Correctional Officer Debra Rosenstadt was named as the Corrections Rookie of the Year for 2021 for her work at the Detention and Rehabilitation Center. CO Rosenstadt bring a positive and uplifting attitude to work each day and she also prevented an inmate from bringing contraband to the facility, preventing danger to inmates and staff.

Stanley J. Goodwin Award:

John Duckett was selected to receive the Stanley J. Goodwin Award for his community service and volunteerism with the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office. In 2016, Duckett formed the Nicolet Basketball Association, a community oriented competitive league in Lexington Park, which continues to be a success.
Lifesaving awards:

Deputy Andrew Budd, Deputy David Lawrence, Sgt. Catherine Poole, Cpl. Kenneth Flerlage, Deputy First Class Warren Forinash, Deputy Nicholas Hill, DFC Thomas Snyder, DFC Richard Forbes and Deputy Joseph Senatore were all recognized for saving the lives of individuals in duress in 2021.

Distinguished Service:

Lt. Richard Russell was awarded for Distinguished Service for his exemplary 24-year career with the Sheriff’s Office. Lt. Russell has received numerous awards, shown distinguished service, ingenuity and leadership above and beyond what is expected.

Meritorious Service:

Cpl. Muschette received the Meritorious Service award for his services at the School Resource Officer at Great Mills High School, working closely with youth as a mentor.

DFC Matthew Beyer and Cpl. Glen Knott were awarded for Meritorious Action from a traffic stop in January 2021 that resulted in the recovery of a loaded handgun, $2,000 in cash and suspected marijuana. Their actions prevented another shooting in Lexington Park.

Cpl. Trevor Teague (not pictured) was also awarded for Meritorious Service for excellence in the Criminal Investigations Division.

The Youth Gun Violence Task Force was awarded with Meritorious Action in 2021 for its work in combating an increase in youth gun violence in the Lexington Park area.

Through the course of the task force’s work, search warrants were served on seven vehicles, 22 persons, 56 phones and 19 homes, resulting in 65 arrests and 19 guns seized.

Sheriff Tim Cameron and Cpl. Gerard Muschette

Sheriff Cameron and Correctional Cpl. Brian Gillingham

Sheriff Cameron and Deputy Casey Hill

Sheriff Cameron, Sgt. Joshua Krum and Ruth Scully

Sheriff Cameron and CO Debra Rosenstadt

Capt. Steve Hall, Sheriff Cameron and John Duckett

Sheriff Cameron, Sgt. Catherine Poole, Cpl. Kenneth Flerlage, DFC Warren Forinash and DFC Richard Forbest

Sheriff Cameron and Lt. Richard Russell

Sheriff Cameron and Cpl. Muschette

Sheriff Cameron, Cpl. Glen Knott and DFC Matthew Beyer

Youth Gun Violence Task Force

Criminal Investigations Division Team Award

Crime Lab Team Award

Personnel Team Award

Pre-Trial Services and Transport Team Award

Recent retirees

Sheriff Cameron and Warden Mary Ann Thompson

Sheriff Cameron and Correctional Capt. George Hayden

Sheriff Cameron and Capt. Stephen Simonds

Sheriff Cameron was also recognized for his four concurrent terms as Sheriff of St. Mary’s County, the longest tenure of any Sheriff in St. Mary’s dating back to 1637