Bunny Burkett’s Funny Car Gets Fresh Restoration at Maryland International Raceway

July 16, 2022

The famed Bunny Burkett World Championship Winning Funny Car is now back at Maryland International Raceway (MIR)! At the end of the 2021 racing season, the funny car body was removed and transported to Ultimate Garage to be repainted after being exposed to weather elements for 12 years. As of today, the body has been returned to MIR and has been placed back on top of the Hod Rodz Diner.

Barney Squires, Owner of Ultimate Garage, reached out in 2021 and generously offered to restore the famed machine. He donated his time and effort to complete the restoration of the car.

The restoration of this car was a group effort. Squires, along with assistance from Illusion Wraps and PPG, completed the painting of the body. The Burkett family restored many of the other elements of the car including the wheels, wheelie bars, and other parts of the car.

Much of this was completed thanks to the fans that supported the 2021 Superchargers Showdown! Proceeds from that event, plus from the Burkett family were able to pay for the paint and other materials for the refurbishing of the iconic machine.

We cannot thank Ultimate Garage and Barney Squires enough for graciously restoring a World Championship winning car back to its former glory in honor of the iconic Bunny Burkett.