LifeStyles of Maryland Celebrates “Xavier’s Garden” at New White Plains Shelter in Memory of 11-Year-Old

August 1, 2022

In May of 2022, LifeStyles of Maryland announced the first residents were making the new White Plains center their home. Full release can be read here.

LifeStyles of Maryland released the following on June 2, 2022

“Anyone wishing to donate to the Children’s Miracle Network to purchase a new cardiovascular ultrasound machine, dedicated in honor of Xavier Bean, can learn more and donate here

Our hearts are hurting.

Tragedy struck the extended LifeStyles family last week when longtime friends and supporters Kimberley and Chris Bean lost their 11-year-old son, Xavier.

By age 2, Xavier had been diagnosed with a developmental delay. By age 3, he was confirmed autistic and intellectually disabled. He began experiencing seizures and was diagnosed with epilepsy at age 7.

It is believed that Xavier’s passing came because of a seizure suffered in his sleep. Today, the family will hold Xavier’s funeral, less than three weeks before they would have celebrated his 12th birthday.

For years, the Bean family has been a blessing for LifeStyles of Maryland. They have a true heart for the community, demonstrating their support time and again through donations of funds and resources and, most importantly, time.

Now, we hope you’ll help us in returning the favor. Xavier’s friends and family are raising funds through the Children’s Miracle Network to purchase a new cardiovascular ultrasound machine for Children’s National Hospital. The machine will be dedicated in Xavier’s name.

To learn more and donate now, please visit their fundraising page.

Xavier would have turned 12 years old on June 19. Though he was nonverbal and faced many challenges, he lived a full, happy life, showered with love and giving love right back.

“Xavier loved to snuggle and hold hands,” the family wrote in his obituary. “He responded positively to music and loved his weekend car rides with his mom and dad. Xavier loved when his dad would pick him up and twirl him around … His laughter was infectious.

“He waited patiently for his Papa to come home from work every day, so they could hang out in the driveway in lawn chairs or go for wagon rides. He loved tractor rides with his dad too.”

The Bean family’s support of LifeStyles has been unwavering. We could not begin to quantify the impact they have made. Just recently, as we prepared to welcome the first residents to our new 24/7 emergency homeless shelter in White Plains, the family stepped up to fill the kitchen freezer with food for the families living there.

They donated the materials for a raised garden bed in an outdoor space at the shelter and asked if they could hire a contractor to assemble it. A day later, they lost Xavier.

Through their grief, in the back of their minds, they were still thinking about the garden, the shelter and the families it served. Over the weekend, Kimberley Bean reached out to LifeStyles and asked again if they could have the garden assembled. She had one more request, which we absolutely loved and instantly agreed.

The new raised garden at our shelter will forever be known as “Xavey’s Garden.”

The Charles County Sheriff’s Office released the following this past week.

“In difficult times, it is often said to look for a sign of hope or something positive. For Captain Chris Bean, Commander of our Special Operations Division, his wife Kimberly, and their family, this is especially true.

We are sharing this story with you to serve as a sign, if you will, that hope is everywhere and especially here in Charles County, thanks to an 11-year-old boy named Xavier.

You see, the Bean family are longtime volunteers at LifeStyles of Maryland, Inc. Several months ago, they were touring the newest emergency homeless shelter in White Plains when the Director, Sandy Washington, pointed to a location outside of the building and indicated she planned to put a garden in the area.

Coincidentally, the Beans had purchased a large, Garden-in-a-Box kit for their 11-year-old son, Xavier, who was non-verbal, autistic, and suffered from epilepsy. His parents thought the garden kit would be a great project for Xavier to build at their house.

However, realizing the positive impact the garden could have for people staying at the shelter, the Beans opted to donate Xavier’s garden kit to the shelter right away, knowing they could purchase another one for their home.

But sadly, on May 24, 2022, before the garden could be built at LifeStyles’ shelter, Xavier passed away in his sleep.

After Xavier’s funeral service on June 2, the Beans could not stop thinking about the garden. So, they arranged to have the garden built as quickly as possible. On June 10, the Beans, their family and friends, members of the Sheriff’s Office, staff at LifeStyles, businesses, and community members built and decorated the garden all in one day.

The Shelter agreed to name the garden Xavier’s Garden – a place where people can take comfort and rest their worries, if only for a little while.

The garden is adorned with angel’s wings, beautiful flowers, hanging plants, vegetables, herbs and special garden decor: wind chimes, a trellis, pinwheels, and assorted butterflies. The shelter’s residents love the garden and feel a sense of peace when they enter. They feel Xavier’s presence.

“I never realized the impact Xavier could have on people,” said Captain Bean. “So many people knew him and were moved by his extraordinary efforts to communicate. His smile spoke for him. We have been told the residents of the shelter often leave his garden smiling. I think Xavier, who never spoke a word while he was with us, is now speaking loud and clear. He is saying ‘come inside my garden and you will find peace, love and hope.’”

Thank you to the Bean family, LifeStylesofMD, and everyone who contributed to Xavier’s Garden. Your generosity has already had such a positive impact on members of our community, especially those who are in tough circumstances, and reminds us of the value of kindness and the meaning of hope.