Friends of Calvert Library Announce Return of Pub Quiz Trivia Night on Friday, March 24, 2023

February 8, 2023

The long-awaited return of Pub Quiz, your favorite Friends of Calvert Library trivia night is here! Friday, March 24, Pub Quiz will be held at the Calvert County Fairgrounds.

Friends of Calvert Library will be holding their popular fundraiser for people to test their knowledge, have some fun and win some cash! Kelly’s Kickin’ Cuisine and Sassafras Farms food trucks will have dinner for sale starting at 5pm when the doors open.

All proceeds go to help Calvert Library, so put on your thinking cap and register your team today! Tickets are $120 per team of up to 6 adults. Cash prize to the top 3 teams! A limited number of teams are allowed so pre-registration is required. Don’t have a team but love trivia? You can sign up as a spectator and maybe get picked up by one of the teams! Must be registered to attend!

Looking for all the details? Go to the Calvert Library website. It promises to be a highly entertaining evening complete with free snacks, a cash bar and loads of laughs.  Donations and sponsorships are welcome.  For more information, call Robyn Truslow at 410-535-0291 or 301-855-1862.

For one night only, the library won’t help you find the answers. But that won’t stop us from asking plenty of tough questions. Pre-register for $120 per team of up to 6 adults. Cash prize to the top 3 teams! Limited space-pre-registration required. Doors open and food trucks will be on site at 5pm. Quiz begins at 7pm.

5:00 pm – Doors Open

  • Kelly’s Kickin’ Cuisine and Sassafras Farms food trucks will have dinner for sale. Please support these local businesses and do not bring in outside food.
  • Be sure to bring photo ID.  No one under 21 will be admitted.
  • Beer, wine, seltzer, sodas and water available for sale beginning at 5pm.
  • Credit card may be used to purchase drink tickets.
  • Cash is accepted at the bar.
  • This is a fundraiser so “tip” well!  All tips go to Friends of Calvert Library.

6:45 pm  

  • All teams should be checked in and seated with their food
  • Quizmaster will go over the rules…the most important one is “The Quizmaster is always right!”

7:00 pm – Quiz Begins

  • If you exit the room during the round, no readmittance until the round is over
  • Servers will circulate if you’d like to order beverages during the quiz
  • No drinks outside the building
  • No smoking inside the building

Cell Phones Rules

  • No cell/smartphone or other outside information source may be used.
  • A Ziploc bag is provided for your cell phones during the rounds.
  • You may not use your cell phone during a round until your team’s answers are turned in to “The Judges.”
  • Emergency calls must be taken outside the room and contestant will not be readmitted until the end of that round.

“The Judges” will be the final arbiters of correct answers and scoring.  Any rule not listed here may be made up on the spot by “The Judges” and/or Quizmaster. No cancellation for teams once registered.

Spectators are allowed but must register as such and pay $10. Spectators may be picked up by a team with less than 6 members but come on, don’t ask the Friends to reimburse you! If you aren’t picked up by a team, please do not sit within hearing distance of any team and please do not yell out the answers!

Sponsorships are available for $300. Your name will be included in a slideshow at the event and you’ll be recognized by the Quizmaster.  Contact Pat Hofmann if interested.