Maryland Department of Agriculture Promotes Maryland True Blue Program for Local Blue Crabs

May 30, 2023

Memorial Day weekend marks a great time to enjoy Maryland blue crabs and crab meat. To guarantee you are purchasing fresh local crabs and crab meat, the Maryland Department of Agriculture encourages you to check the container’s label to confirm that crab meat being purchased was caught in Maryland.

While dining out, ask the restaurant server if the crabs being served are from Maryland or look for the True Blue logo on the menu.

“Here in Maryland, our delicious Chesapeake Bay blue crabs are second to none,” said Maryland Department of Agriculture Secretary Kevin Atticks. “To support Maryland’s watermen, please check that the crabs and crab meat that you are purchasing are indeed Maryland crab. And remember to pair with more local produce like Maryland sweet corn, tomatoes, lettuce, and asparagus!”

If consumers see the True Blue logo on a restaurant menu, the Maryland Department of Agriculture  has confirmed their participation in the True Blue program.

Only restaurants that serve Maryland blue crabs and crab meat can use the True Blue logo on their menus.

For more about the True Blue Program, please visit Maryland Seafood at To locate your nearest farmers markets and produce stands, visit