Benedict Volunteer Fire Department Receives $177,000 in Grant Funding for New SCBA Gear

June 1, 2023

The Benedict Volunteer Fire Department Rescue Squad and Auxiliary, Inc. (BVFDRS) was notified by Senator Chris Van Hollen’s office that they have been awarded $177,857.14 in competitive grant funds through the Department of Homeland Security’s FY 2021 Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program to replace expiring Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA). The Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program provides direct assistance to fire departments and emergency medical service organizations to provide critically needed resources.

SCBA is a vital component of a firefighter’s personal protective equipment and prevents him or her from inhaling toxic chemicals and carcinogens. Each SCBA unit has a life span of a maximum of fifteen years and cannot be utilized past its expiration date. BVFDRS is replacing a total of 25 expiring units over the next several months.

The cost of each SCBA and face piece combination is approximately $7700. The total cost of the project exceeds $194,450. “BVFDRS relies heavily on the generous support of our community through donations and fundraising efforts to cover the annual operational expenses of our organization.

President Newman would like to thank BVFDRS members, Board of Directors, and his sincerest gratitude to David Schwartz, President of Firehouse Grants located in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania for the successful submission of the grant application. Special thanks to Eddie Stillwell from Municipal Emergency Services for working with BVFDRS to obtain the new SCBA.

Photos courtesy of the Benedict Volunteer Fire Department Rescue Squad and Auxiliary, Inc