20-Year-Old Arrested for Impersonating Firefighter, Stealing Members Gear and Burglarizing Firehouse in Charles County

June 19, 2023

Loxavier Maurice Jones, age 20 of District Heights

On May 12, 2023, police responded to Waldorf Volunteer Fire Department located at 3245 Old Washington Road in Waldorf, for the reported theft.

Upon arrival, deputies made contact with witness Chief S. Duffer, and Sgt. Smith from the Prince George’s County Police Department.

Chief Duffer stated that the suspect, Loxavier Maurice Jones, age 20 of District Heights, MD., came to the station on April 22, 2023, and completed paperwork to conduct a ride along.

While he was completing the paperwork, the suspect used his name to fill out the paperwork, which is how he was identified.

While speaking with witness Duffer, the suspect told Duffer he was a career fire fighter for Montgomery County Fire Rescue Station 6. The suspect was wearing a career shirt from Montgomery County Fire Rescue along with blue duty pants.

During the ride along, Jones began cautiously looking around the fire bay area where he then began trying on helmets to find one that fit him. Once he found one that fit him, he took the helmet from the rack and walked it out of the side door and staged it outside of the firehouse.

A short time later he went outside the firehouse, took the helmet and placed it in the trunk of his vehicle. He completed his ride along and left the station.

The value of the helmet is valued at $1,550 to replace.

The next day on April 23, 2023, Jones parks his vehicle at a neighboring business next door to the fire department and proceeded to enter the building without permission through an open door.

Once inside, he removes a pair of bunker pants, a sweatshirt, and bunker boots. He then takes the items outside of the side door and runs to his vehicle. Once at his vehicle he places the items in the trunk and leaves.

All of this is captured on camera by Waldorf Volunteer Fire Department. The value of the stolen pants, boots and sweatshirt is $2,100. Chief Duffer also stated the fire department is locked and the general public does not have access to the building. Jones entered through a door that he believes was chalked open the day prior when he was completing the ride along. The surveillance video confirms Jones removing the listed property from the fire department.

Chief Duffer stated that the Maryland State Fire Marshal’s Office, Prince Georges County Police Department, and Calvert County Sheriff’s Office all have open investigations on Jones for similar offenses.

Additionally, Jones is suspected on calling in false calls through 911 while conducting ride alongs with Waldorf Volunteer Fire Department and Bryans Road Volunteer Fire Department.

Police contacted the Montgomery County Fire Rescue and spoke with firefighter Viernelson who advised that Jones is not an employee or volunteer with the Montgomery County Fire Rescue Department. He has no affiliations with their department.

Maryland State Fire Marshal Deputy Nelson also confirmed the suspect identified as Jones at the Waldorf VFD was the suspect in the theft. He identified Jones from the pictures from the surveillance camera system. He was identified by the information they obtained during a traffic stop where some stolen fire department gear was recovered.

Felony charges are pending in Prince Georges County for similar offenses. The Calvert County Sheriff’s Office has an ongoing investigating and pending charges for theft from a volunteer fire department in there jurisdiction involving Jones as well.

Jones has been charged with the following below for the incidents that occurred in Charles County.

  • THEFT: $1,500 TO UNDER $25,000 – Two counts

Judge Patrick J. Devine released Jones on May 30, 2023, on his own recognizance.

Loxavier Maurice Jones, age 20 of District Heights