Robert Allyn Smith

August 12, 2023

On this particular day, October 14th, 1951, no one could have expected such a jack of all trades to be born. He could build a whole building from the ground up. Explore the airwaves over ham radio. Build wonders out of wood or metal on his lathes. Jump from and or fly planes. As well as navigate any body of water. Weather he be diving down deep for oysters or pulling nets for fish and traps for crabs, this made him the Captain that he was. He enjoyed transporting ships up and down the seaboard.

Captain Robert Allyn Smith passed away on August 9th, 2023 and is survived by his siblings. His older sister Linda Payne, and his younger sister and brother Christine Cavin and Walter Carl Smith. He is also survived by his wife of 50 years Judith Marie Smith. With her they had two children, Teresa Armolt and Daimen C. Smith. With the dear Kathy Woodard he had his youngest Melanie M. Woodard who stands by her partner Steven Curtis Sr. His family was still greater than just them. Robert loved the little ones that came. First his grandchildren, whose father is Sean Armolt, Piper M. Armolt, Hunter R. Armolt, and Archer F. Armolt. Followed by whom he referred to as his wild men, Steven Curtis Jr. and Anthony Knittle. Bobby always brought adventure, and curiosity and creativity into any life he encountered and will truly be missed.