Prince George’s County Winner Almost Trashes $100,000 Ticket

December 29, 2023

Elektra Long almost missed out on a $100,000 prize. The Lottery enthusiast, who enjoys playing Pick 3, Pick 4 and scratch-off games, recently purchased two $10 Snow Globe 7’s instant tickets. An oversight nearly caused her to throw the tickets away. However, she took one more look and realized she was a $100,000 top-prize winner.

The 52-year-old woman visited Brinkley Market, where she frequently buys her Lottery tickets. Elektra has a preferred method to buying scratch-offs — she prefers the first two tickets of a book.

This particular instance, while there were two Snow Globe 7s tickets remaining, she nearly passed on them because she didn’t think they were the first two. However, since she’s a regular at the store, she remembered that the store clerk loads the tickets in the case backwards. Therefore, what looked like the last two tickets were in fact the first two tickets that Elektra prefers.

After nearly passing them by, she also almost threw away her winning ticket. At first, she didn’t see anything indicating that she had a winning ticket. Elektra then took a second and third look, and that’s when the excitement and gratitude set in. As expected, she said she was thankful that she didn’t throw her ticket away.

Lucky Elektra plans to use her winnings to pay off bills and to take care of her grandchildren. She currently works as a civilian paralegal for the U.S. Air Force. When she’s not working, she enjoys spending her time playing Lottery.

Brinkley Markey at 3311 Brinkley Rd in Temple Hills will receive a $1,000 bonus for selling a winning scratch-off ticket worth $100,000.