Lusby Man Arrested for Assault and Kidnapping in St. Mary’s County

February 6, 2024
Andre Tayvon Gross, 30, of Lusby

Andre Tayvon Gross, 30, of Lusby

On February 5, 2024, Police responded to the Walmart on Miramar Way, in California, for the report of an assault.

An employee from Walmart had called and advised that a female entered the store and appeared to be in distress and stated that she was assaulted.

The female victim told police that she had just left a vehicle that she was being held in and ran to Walmart from the Super 8 Hotel to escape from a male subject who had been holding her against her will.

She told police that she came to St. Mary’s County from Calvert County a few days earlier to party at an establishment, and after being at the establishment she then went with some friends to the Lexington Park area where she met Andre Tayvon Gross, 30, of Lusby.

The victim told police, when she was trying to get away from other subjects and Gross offered to take her home to Calvert from Lexington Park. The victim said she had never met Gross before and did not know who he was at all.

The victim told police that between January 31, and February 5, her and Gross had driven to approximately seven places in two counties and that she told Gross multiple times that she wanted to leave the vehicle and go home, during that time Gross threatened the victim by indicating he was a gang member as well as a “certified killer.” Gross also indicated to the victim that if she exited the vehicle, he would kill her entire family, and he knew where they lived.

The victim said that during her time of unwillingly being with Gross, she was unable to care for herself, including being unable to shower, consume food, or take prescribed medication. She said she was able to exit the vehicle at times, however, due to being in fear for her life, she would re-enter, and was unable to give the exact dates and times of incidents. She indicated during one attempt to exit the vehicle gross punched her in the ribs with a closed fist, and police observed a black/blue contusion to her right ribcage area where she described being punched.

On one attempt to exit the vehicle while at Nicolet Park in Lexington Park, the victim said gross displayed a knife and held it to her midsection and told her he would kill her if she exited the vehicle. The victim told police at one point, Gross threw a Slurpee at her, which got in her hair and had been there for days.

The victim told police when she ran from the Super 8 Hotel to Walmart, Gross was in the parking lot of the Hotel asleep in a black Kia Forte.

Police made contact with Gross in the parking lot of the Super 8 Hotel, they located him the driver’s seat of a Kia. Police were able to positively identify Gross from a booking photograph from the St. Mary’s County Detention Center. A glass smoking device was observed in plain view and it contained a white powdery residue, also located in the center console of the vehicle was a metal smoking device containing a white powdery residue. Police also located two buprenorphine pills and a knife in the vehicle’s center console. Police also observed a red Slurpee splattered throughout the vehicle, consistent with the victim’s story.

Gross was read his Miranda rights. and admitted to meeting the victim in Lexington Park and said they had been together for an extended period of time, and they drove to multiple places, including Calvert County. Gross admitted to not wanting the victim to leave as he didn’t want her to “ghost him.” He also admitted to holding a screwdriver up to the victim during one incident, but as a “joke.” a screwdriver was recovered from the front driver’s seat of the vehicle.

Gross was arrested on the following charges”