Former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan Announces U.S. Senate Bid

February 10, 2024

Former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan released the following statement on Friday, February 9, 2024.

“It’s official – I’m running for the United States Senate to fight for Maryland and fix the broken politics in Washington!

Like the vast majority of Marylanders, I’m completely fed up with politics-as-usual and the politicians in Washington who are more interested in arguing than getting anything done for the people they represent

Enough is enough. We can do so much better, but not if we keep electing the same kind of typical partisan politicians. That’s why I’m running – not to serve one party – but to stand up to both parties, fight for Maryland, and fix our nation’s broken politics. It’s what I did as Maryland’s governor, and it’s exactly how I’ll serve Maryland in the United States Senate. Let’s get back to work.”