Man who was Wandering Hallways of Great Mills High School with a Handgun Arrested for Two Day Time Armend Robberies

February 14, 2024

Great Mills High School Student Robbed at Gun Point a few Feet of School Property at 11:30 AM

Delano Jurail Parham-Nash Jr., 20, of no fixed address

Delano Jurail Parham-Nash Jr., 20, of no fixed address

On Thursday, February 1, 2024, at approximately 3:00 p.m., deputies from the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office responded to an armed robbery at the Tacos Hernandez Authentic Mexican Restaurant on Great Mills Road, in Lexington Park.

The St. Mary’s County Emergency Communication Center (ECC) received a call advising an African American male wearing a black jacket, red pants with white stripes and a black balaclava entered the establishment, approached the counter, displayed a firearm and stole money from within the tip bowl on the counter and fled the area. Police responded to the scene and made contact with the owner who told them, he is familiar with the male suspect because he frequently comes into the establishment. He said typically sees the suspect by the Stop-N-Shop liquor store, which is adjacent to the restaurant.

According to owner, the male suspect entered the establishment and went to the bathroom. After a few moments, the male suspect exited the restroom, and approached the counter and was asked to remove his black face mask, as his employees were uncomfortable. The male suspect became upset and refused to remove his mask. The male suspect removed a black handgun from his waistband area and held the handgun near his chest. The handgun was described as a black “full size possibly a 45.” After placing the handgun back into his waistband area, he began to walk away from the counter. As the male suspect was walking away, he removed approximately $20.00 in cash from the tip jar and left the establishment.

The owner told police he remembered the male wearing the exact clothing inside of the establishment on January 25th, 2024, which he was able to provide a still image from his security cameras. The still image provided displayed a timestamp of 1612 hours on January 25th,2024. While reviewing the photograph, the suspect is wearing the same gray and white New Balance sneakers and red pants with white stripes down the sides which are identical from the video surveillance during the robbery.

While on scene, further investigation revealed there was an incident at Great Mills High School on January 17, 2024, where four (4) male subjects were located trespassing and had taken a digital photograph within one of the school bathrooms. In the photograph, one of the male subjects was observed holding a firearm. All individuals were identified by Law Enforcement and St. Mary’s County Public school officials.

A still image captured from the Great Mills High School security cameras of the male wearing a green jacket with black accents and an orange inner lining was shown to a confidential source, and after reviewing the picture, they positively identified Delano Parham-Nash Jr.

On January 25, 2023, at 3:30p.m., a Sergeant from the Sheriff’s Office met with Nash and issued a notice not to trespass and a criminal summons for trespassing for the incident at Great Mills High School. (LINK TO ACTICLE)

A day after robbery the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office posted the following information of their Facebook page:

“On Thursday, February 1, 2024, St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office Deputies responded to a robbery at a commercial location in the 21000 block of Great Mills Road.

Witnesses reported an unidentified male entered the business and demanded service. Upon refusal of service, the individual pulled a gun from his waistband. The suspect then stole cash from a bowl on the counter and fled the scene on foot.”

Despite having a full description (and full name) of the armed robber walking the streets of St. Mary’s County the sheriff’s office described him as “an unidentified male” and gave the public no description of the gunman and refused to even let the public know what establishment was robbed.

A few days later the Sheriff’s Office posted a photo of a female theft suspect on their Facebook page and released the following information “the subject pictured entered the Family Dollar on Great Mills Rd in Lexington Park, walked directly to the shelf where diapers are stocked, concealed one pack of diapers on their person, and left the store, failing to pay for the item.” That Facebook post received over 850 comments, most of them negative and hundreds of them criticized them for posting such a minor crime and ignoring the serious crimes being committed daily throughout St. Mary’s County.

On February 12th, 2024, at approximately 11:30 a.m., Deputies from the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office Patrol responded to Great Mills Swimming Pool, located on Great Mills Road, in Lexington Park, 20653 for the report of an armed robbery.

The Emergency Communications Center (ECC) reported the caller advised he was robbed at gunpoint, and the male suspect demanded his phone and shoes. A physical description of the suspect was provided which was, an African American male, mustache, black jacket, black jogger pants and a balaclava.

Deputies arrived at the scene and saw a male in the area, matching the description of the suspect holding a pair of shoes in his hand, who immediately fled on foot.

Police spoke to the teenager who was robbed at gunpoint in the parking lot of the Great Mills Pool while waiting for his mother to pick him up.

He told police he was standing in the parking lot, when he the male suspect approached him, wearing a plain black hooded sweatshirt, dark color joggers, and sneakers. He described the hooded sweatshirt and said the suspect had a mustache. The male suspect proceeded to pull a “black Glock” from within the front of his sweatshirt area stated. “You know what the is,” referencing the firearm. While the male suspect was pointing the firearm at the victim, he demanded the victim remove his shoes and then told him, “Iet me get your phone”. The suspect then demanded the victim to provide the cell phone passcode, as well as deleting his iCloud account. The cellphone, a gold iPhone 12 Pro Max was valued at $1,250 and the pair of shoes were valued at $300.00. After retrieving the items from the male victim, the suspect walked away. The victim’s mother pulled into the parking lot as the suspect was walking away. The male victim entered his mom’s vehicle and told her he was robbed at gunpoint. The victim’s mother told police she saw a black sports car in the parking lot, which she parked to the right of. She saw her son and the suspect speaking and assumed he was a friend of her son. After she parked, the male suspect walked past the driver’s side door of her car with a pair of shoes in his hands. After her son entered the passenger side of the vehicle, she questioned him about what happened, and he told her he was “robbed at gunpoint.”

Deputies observed a male suspect matching the description, in the area of Lexwood Court and Great Mills Court, and were able to detain him, while speaking to the male, he provided his name deputies and was positively identified as, Delano Jurail Parham-Nash Jr.

It was determined Parham-Nash had an active arrest warrant for the armed robbery that occurred at Tacos Hernandez Authentic Mexican Restaurant on February 1, 2024.

Parham-Nash was subsequently placed under arrest.

Delano Jurail Parham-Nash Jr., 20, of no fixed address

Delano Jurail Parham-Nash Jr., 20, of no fixed address