A Special Adoption Story – Rescue Dogs Can Rescue Too!

February 20, 2024

Rescue Dog Makes History After Being Adopted by a FEMA K9 Search Specialist

The Humane Society of Calvert County visits several local shelters often to rescue dogs at risk and we take into consideration many things about the dog before bringing them into our rescue.

Last week, their staff visited Prince George’s County Animal Shelter to assess and rescue dogs in need. While there, the shelter staff mentioned a two-year-old Belgian Malinois found as a stray and that they saw something special about him and would we just take a look and our staff agreed. Now, if you know anything about a Malinois, you know that they are a working breed, need a job – all Maligators want to work and really require the right home and the right owner/handler, so we had to be sure we could meet his needs before bringing him into our rescue.

When the shelter staff brought him out and our staff spent time with him, they realized that they had stumbled on not just a special dog, but “greatness”. That this beautiful dog in front of them has true potential, and is a dog destined to do something life changing if put in the right hands.

This dog, who we named Toby after Toby Keith, was smart, friendly, and stunning just to name a few of his outstanding qualities. The decision was made that we would rescue him and begin the mission of finding him the right owner who could meet his needs and ensure he could reach his full potential.

It didn’t take us long to find the right owner for him and we want to Congratulate Toby on finding his forever home and most likely job.

Now, this is not the end of this story and far from the end of Toby’s story. You see our rescue has always wanted to work with our public safety officials and have them look to rescues to adopt rescue dogs to train and serve and there is no shortage of possibilities in the shelters that would likely fit their criteria.

So, for now, we want you to know that Toby has been adopted by Jon Hope, a FEMA K9 Search Specialist and will begin his training for search and water rescue immediately! What a monumental breakthrough for rescue dogs!!! We are elated and so proud and will share all of Toby’s journey with you as details become available.

We would also like to commend the staff at the shelter and our staff for having the wherewithal to recognize Toby’s outstanding qualities and that he was truly meant for so much more!

So, stay tuned for more on Toby and his journey! Truly history in the making for rescue dogs!