Charles County Sheriff’s Office Celebrating Women’s History Month – Employee Spotlight

March 29, 2024

Today, we’re shining a light on one of our incredible CCSO employees, Thelery Mack, a dedicated Quality Assurance Specialist at the Communications 9-1-1 Emergency Services Center.

Thelery’s journey to CCSO took three decades and she said it was the best decision ever! When she first joined the workforce, Thelery was a federal government employee at the ICC, Pentagon, and Defense Communications Agency. After nearly 30 years of navigating Route 210, if you know, you know, and being married with three children, she decided it was time for a change.

Spotting an announcement for a station clerk in the Maryland Independent newspaper, she made the leap. After successfully passing all tests, Thelery officially joined CCSO on September 4, 1997, as a station clerk. She retired from that position in 2013 as a Station Clerk Supervisor; however, she wasn’t done with the Sheriff’s Office

When a job opened as a part-time Quality Assurance Specialist, she applied and was naturally a wonderful fit! “If I did not love my job and the people I work with, I probably would have stayed retired. But this Agency is one of the best that you could work for! It’s what brought me back to CCSO!” As a Quality Assurance Specialist, Thelery assists the Communications commander with a variety of administrative duties.

Throughout her time here, Thelery’s commitment to kindness and empathy has left a mark on the community she serves. Her most cherished moments revolve around the gratitude she receives when assisting those in need. In her own words, “When people call the Sheriff’s Office, it is usually because something has gone wrong in their lives. I always put myself in their shoes and I always strive to be considerate.”

Thelery will always cherish two significant occasions that epitomize her commitment to compassion and care. One such moment etched in her memory is when she guided a terrified eight-year-old girl through a harrowing break-in over the phone. Her calm instructions ensured the girl’s safety as officers swiftly apprehended the intruder, highlighting Thelery’s dedication to protecting others.
Another poignant memory for Thelery is her bond with a troubled teen who sought refuge at the station repeatedly. Offering her “some motherly love,” Thelery provided a listening ear and empathetic support, nurturing a friendship that endured through the teen’s tumultuous journey until she found stability and started her own family. These instances exemplify the transformative power of motherly love, a sentiment beautifully captured in the words, “Motherly love, what a wonderful gift to give.”

Thelery’s love for her job and the people she works with is evident. Outside of work, she continues to give back to her community, delivering meals for Meals on Wheels, and volunteering at her church with the God Of A Second Chance Ministry. She also loves her time with her children, three grandchildren and three great-grandchildren and playing bingo at Co 8, Pisgah Marbury VFD. She is proud of her daughter, Kimberly Mack, who is the part-time Coordinator for the after-school mentoring program hosted by the CCSO

Thelery’s story reminds us of the profound impact one person can have through kindness, empathy, and dedication to service. Thank you, Thelery, for all that you do!