Two St. Charles High School Staff Assaulted During Student Altercation, Police Investigating

April 30, 2024

St. Charles High School Press Release: “I want to share information with you about an incident that happened at St. Charles High School that impacted our school day.

“This morning, a group of students engaged in a large physical altercation during a class change. They continued and did not follow initial redirection from staff.

Administrators and staff intervened and attempted to diffuse the situation and eventually our school resource officer (SRO) responded and called for additional police support.

During this, two of our staff members attempting to break up the fighting were hit by a student. Our SRO and administrators were able to separate the students and parents were called.

During this incident, I placed the school in a Hold status as a precaution while staff and police assisted While administration continues its investigation into this incident, we have learned that student have outside conflicts that are coming inside the building affecting the school.

To say I am disappointed in the behavior and actions of these students is an understatement. Students should not be resorting to fighting at school or outside in the community. We are still investigating the details regarding the incidents.

All students found to be involved face disciplinary action outlined in the Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) Code of Student Conduct and possible charges by police to include assault. I anticipate the Charles County Sheriff’s Office will release a press release later today, detailing this information.

Wholeheartedly appreciate the staff members and our administrative team for assisting with today’s incidents. We have a committed team of teachers and staff at St. Charles High School who care about each one of our students and will step in to help at any time. I am extremely disappointed in the impulsive and destructive behavior exhibited by some of our students today that impacted them. I know this is not an accurate reflection of our school or of our student body.

Please remind your child that there are several resources, including staff they can talk to, at our school to help students work through their differences without resorting to fighting. School counselors, administrators, our school psychologist, and other school staff are readily available to facilitate mediation or work with students and their families so they can peacefully resolve any issues”

Charles County Police Press Relase: On Tuesday, April 30, 2024, at 10:40 a.m., three students became involved in a fight inside St. Charles High School.

The fight drew numerous students who began instigating and challenging each other. Staff members intervened and attempted to gain control, but several students remained uncooperative.

Additional officers were called to the school to assist. The school was placed on a hold status until the students were dispersed and the situation de-escalated.

The students involved will face disciplinary sanctions from the Charles County Public Schools and charges are pending.

Anyone with information is asked to contact PFC Watkins at 301-609-3282 ext. 0721.