Communication and Teamwork Saves Baby Ducks in Calvert County

May 13, 2024

On Monday, May 13, 2024, the routine activity of Town Hall was interrupted by a phone call from a concerned citizen who spotted a mother duck in distress due to her ducklings falling into a storm drain.

After receiving the call, they quickly contacted the Department of Public Works (DPW) crew who immediately went to the location of the mother duck. Joined by Sgt. D. Naughton from the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office, they immediately got to work to save the ducklings.

The DPW crew removed the storm grate and worked together, along with Sgt. Naughton, to retrieve all twelve ducklings from the storm drain. The ducklings were temporarily placed in a box. As the mother duck continued to pace the area and make her voice be heard, Sgt. Naughton was able to gently capture and secure her.

The DPW crew and Sgt. Naughton then transported the mother duck and ducklings to Wetlands Overlook Park where they were reunited and released into the water.

We would like to thank the concerned citizens, Roxane, Chris, Jim, Guy, and Sgt. Naughton for the swift communication and teamwork to bring the duck family to safety!