Town of Chesapeake Beach Fireworks Update: Postponed until July 7, 2024

July 5, 2024

The Town of Chesapeake Beach will hold the annual fireworks display on July 7th at Dusk due to the unpredictability of the expected scattered storms tomorrow, July 6th.

The Town’s priority is to continue to provide a safe display for our spectators and the crews responsible for launching the display. The Town of Chesapeake Beach display is positioned in the Bay on two (2) barges (sized at 30 x 90 ft).

The display requires a crew to load and transport the Town’s display of over 9,000 pyrotechnic shells across approximately 15 nautical miles to position the barges and approximately 15 nautical miles of travel on the Bay after the display is launched.

Any forecast with hazardous bay conditions, thunder, or lightning in the forecast is a danger and risk to the safety of the crew members.

The Town evaluates the conditions with the Captain transporting the barges and crew and aims to provide updates as early as possible. All official notices related to the Town of Chesapeake Beach Fireworks Display will come from the Town of Chesapeake Beach through the Town’s website under the “news” section, via e-blasts, and on the Town’s social media events page @tocbevents.