Calvert County to Fine Repeat Violations for Unpermitted Signage

July 9, 2024

On April 1, 2024, the Department of Public Works began removing unauthorized signs alongside county roadways.

Removed signs are being stored at the Appeal Landfill, located at 401 Sweetwater Road, for two weeks; individuals and businesses may reclaim their signs for a $6 fee per sign. Any signs remaining after two weeks will be discarded.

Those who repeatedly violate the signage permit will incur a $25 fine per sign, whether or not the signs are retrieved.

The fine will be issued from the County Attorney’s Office as a civil citation.

Unpermitted signs obstruct motorists’ views at intersections and contribute to roadway clutter. The Board of County Commissioners urges all residents to comply with the sign regulations outlined in the Calvert County Zoning Ordinance, available at

If you require a sign permit, the process is designed to accommodate legal and safe placement. For information on necessary permits for various types of work, visit the county’s “Do I Need a Permit?” page.

We appreciate the community’s support and cooperation as we work to ensure pleasing aesthetics, safer roadways and intersections free of obstructions.