Lusby Woman to be Charged with Disorderly Conduct After Incident at Calvert County Health Department

April 22, 2019
Ashley Michelle Zorn, 35, of Lusby

Ashley Michelle Zorn, 35, of Lusby

On Monday, March 25, 2019, at approximately 2:00 p.m, Trooper First Class S. Lewis of the Maryland State Police, Prince Frederick Barrack responded to the Calvert County Health Department in Prince Frederick, for a lobby panic alarm.

The Control Center announced that there is an unruly patient at the pharmacy. When police approached the building, they were greeted at the door and advised the lady was down the hall. Police observed two females talking to each other, the shorter one seemed very agitated, angry, and exhibited rapid breathing.

The female was later identified as Ashley Michelle Zorn, 35, of Lusby. The other female was identified as an employee of the Calvert County Health Department. Police asked the employee what was going on and she advised that Zorn was screaming, cursing at other patients and pharmacy staff and was demanding her medication. She then advised Zorn called the a pharmacy tech the “N” word.

When Police asked Zorn what was going on, she started yelling at them stating that she did not get her medication and she needs them. She then stated she didn’t get her medication a week and a half ago, and she called the pharmacy and asked if her medication is ready. Zorn then stated she was advised that they will be ready in 30 minutes.  Zorn said she walked to the front of the line cutting in front of approximately ten other people demanding her medication.

The witness said Zorn was cursing at other patients and pharmacy staff. She then stated Zorn was pointing her finger in an aggressive manner at both patients and staff, demanding that the pharmacy give her, her medications “right now” because she doesn’t have time to wait. The employee then stated she tried to calm Zorn down and asked her if she would go to the office or in the main lobby, but Zorn continued to curse and demand her medication.

Police spoke to the pharmacist tech who was at the front counter when Zorn cut in front of other customers. She said Zorn came into the pharmacy and informed the customers that she is not standing in line and has things to do. Zorn was told by other customers that were here before her that she needs to wait her turn, Zorn stated she will not move. The employee then informed Zorn that she will not be helped. Zorn then called her a “f###ing n####r” and began screaming at customers calling them “crack heads.”

Police asked the employee if she would be able to give them the medication to give to Zorn to get her on her way. Shortly after, they provided Zorn with her medication and she was escorted out of the building and advised that an Application of Statement of Charges will be completed for Disorderly Conduct.

A criminal summons was issued for Zorn on April 19th, charging her with disorderly conduct.

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